About US


It all started when…


Kimi and I have been friends for over 2 years. We met while dog walking and bonded over our love for puppies. Kimi was born in Thailand. And Im a Park slope native. And although we were born hundreds of miles away from each other nothing brings people together like a passion for walking dogs. Over a year ago while we were both working for different dog walking companies, I said to Kimi one day, “hey, Kimi, why don’t we start our own dog walking company?” And after doing some research and talking to other walkers who owned their own company we decided to move forward and launch puppy parade dog walking company. Yes, the names kinda long but it started from a joke neither of us could forget (Btw the joke wasn’t that funny) one day Kimi and I were walking dogs in prospect park and we noticed another dog walker walking 10-15 dogs by them self and Kimi said “wow, look at all those dogs, It’s kinda like a puppy parade” (I told you it wasn’t funny) And now it’s our own dog walking company that we're both invested in 100% to make sure your dog gets the best walk in Brooklyn. 

Kimi & Andrew